About the zoo | Сімейний зоопарк Лемур

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About the zoo

Family zoo “Lemur” was founded by a group of ambitious people who really love animals and realize all the responsibility of the humans for preservation of this wonderful world. Our main mission is to preserve population of rare animals and to shape environmentally-friendly attitude in our visitors. That’s why by visiting the family zoo “Lemur” both children and adults will receive not only a lot of positive emotions, but also will spend a quality time. Our experienced keepers will tell the most interesting facts about world of the zoo inhabitants.



In order to foster responsibility from an early age we conduct educational tours – demonstration Zoology and Biology lessons. We need to know more about the inhabitants of our planet in order to realize all the responsibility for them. Also in the family zoo you can spend your birthday in a company of the animals, participate in cool quests and do other interesting things!

One of the main goals of the family zoo “Lemur” became welfare activities aimed at support of disabled people, children from orphan homes, recovery centres and multi-child families. We know the importance of children communication with animals, because it is the best antidepressant and a good way to find new friends among fluffy residents.



Whom to meet

Family zoo – is the place where you can meet and pet cute inhabitants of exotic lands. Our amazing animals: brown lemurs, raccoons and coatis, meerkats, rabbits, mini pigs, Guinea pigs, squirrels, hedgehogs, goats, lambs, chinchillas, lizards will lead you into the world of nature. Many of them are popular domestic animals, that is why they are used to interaction with people. Family zoo is a good idea how not to deprive kids from interaction with animals, if you do not have one at home.

Important details and conditions

  • When designing the zoo we took care of every little detail and paid special attention to the living conditions of our inhabitants: the team of veterinarians carefully chose balanced nutrition, instead of cages we made spacious houses for each of the fluffies, we took care of the right lighting and 24-hour inflow of fresh air. Each inhabitant of the zoo has hours and days for rest!
  • All the inhabitants of the zoo were brought up by the team of our veterinarians, who fostered relaxed attitude and love to people. All the animals are vaccinated and are under supervision of our veterinary. So, you can be sure of the safety of contact with the zoo-dwellers.
  • In the zoo all the necessary conditions are created not only for the animals, but also for the visitors. It is really clean and there is no smell on the premises. Stylish design helps to relax and enjoy communication with nature. Friendly staff will make acquaintance with animals the most comfortable.


Come and visit family zoo “Lemur” and get a lot of positive emotions from the communication with our pet animals. Make your child happy!